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All around us there are subtle shifts in consciousness that are rarely noticed in a world of bold headlines and constant stimulation. I am inspired by the intimate moments of contemplation, self-discovery, and personal evaluation that so often go unnoticed. These observations speak to me of a narrative that is more complicated than what is witnessed on the surface . I pursue  the internal struggle that I imagine playing out in the minds of the people around me. The protagonists in my work are often portrayed in conflict with the physical, natural world as a dichotomy to their own internal contention.  This intimate relationship between human and nature is a reoccurring theme that is found in most of my work . In some of the pieces, the figure plays a prominent part, and in others, the intervention of the human is only suggested through the alteration of organic shapes into something that dwells between natural and man-made.  

I hope to initiate the viewers own introspection while observing my pieces. I create subtle details to force a more intimate experience and hope that these voyeuristic moments will reflect a personal honesty that is usually forgotten or avoided in a society that lives for impersonal validation. While many people believe these moments to be worthless and wasteful, I believe these moments of reflection are the moments that truly change us.

My sculptures are made with a porcelaneous clay using  different hand-building methods, depending on what the sculpture requires. They are all fired to a low or mid-range temperature. Some of the sculptures are glazed while some are covered with materials such as encaustic wax, oil paint, casein paint and other mixed media. I have recently been exploring provocative surfaces that beg to be touched, yet are placed where touching is prohibited.  My paintings are all done in oil paint while some include encaustic wax and other mixed media. Although I am truly infatuated with the seductive qualities of clay and oil paint, I have never found myself tethered to one medium, and have always allowed the concept to guide the material.


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